Online Courses on the Body Memory Process

When you were a child, you weren’t just playing make-believe, you were making beliefs (vows). The vows you made as a child still impact your life until you discover them and have the opportunity to choose to believe something else. ​ The Body Memory Process can assist you with permanently healing health issues because it gets to their underlying cause. It can also unlock the secret to having relationships that work, financial freedom, and finding your dream job.

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The Body Memory Process Academy currently offers one fundamental course and several coaching options.

The course Discover Your Childhood Vows, Change Your Life is a comprehensive explanation of Body Memory Process concepts and processes for permanent healing and change.

Coaching packages are meant to supplement the multi-media course materials with live coaching sessions (via phone or Zoom) with Ms. Kat Sohn, co-founder of Body Memory Process, LLC. The coaching sessions are each 45 minutes and there is an option to purchase one or a set of three (with easy payment plans). Coaching is not available to those not enrolled in the course Discover Your Childhood Vows, Change Your Life because our approach is to put the tools in your hands to do the self-discovery work.

The late David W. Sohn, creator of the Body Memory Process would provide in-person, one-on-one discovery sessions that lasted about three hours, followed up with virtual or telephone coaching. In order to scale this powerful healing method and also respond to safety and security concerns presented by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the work is now available in the multi-media course plus optional virtual or phone coaching approach.

There are currently plans to create several more courses based on David's teachings and many will be specifically tailored to health, financial, relationship and career challenges. So please revisit the Body Memory Process Academy in the future!

Body Memory Process Coaching

Coaching packages are available to those who sign up for Discover Your Childhood Vows, Change Your Life!

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